Association of two variables

How to combine two variables that are in different components?

For example: In the component "FontWeather" there is a variable "Icon" display the status icon of the sky (Current, Today Forecast...)

Question: How insert variable "Icon" in "My component => Variables"?

Excuse me, I don't understand well what you want to make, but if you want you can put the other kompo inside your own komponent and are going to work as intended. If you want to use only the global variable "icon" in your own kompo, normally this is a global list that connect the information of the wi or wf codes icons with the komponent and you can see how it's make by editing the global variable, it's like:

current##wi(icon), tomorrow##wf(icon,1)

If you want to use this in your komponent with other images, I don't recommend to use fontweather komponents, because this are coded in the images to connect with a letter depending of the weather icon.