Aspect ratio of my phone not found in KLCK

I am using Nokia 2.2 & aspect ratio of it is 19:9 . But I can't find such aspect ratio in KLCK & selecting every other ratios gives same results i.e, doesn't fit my screen .

What happens if you choose Default?

Top 1/3rd is not covered . I have tried everything but there is no difference whatsoever.

If what you are trying to make is that one preset that is make to 16/9 ratio for example, adapt to your screen, this aren't going to work, only some presets specifically made by the designers to fit all ratios (or your specific ratio) can work in your phone, Kustom apps don't adapt the preset to the different ratios, this is on the designers to use formulas to make this.

You need to create your own presets for your phone.

Or you can move items aroud to fit best your screen.