App re-purchase for PRO use?

I purchased the app a few weeks ago, and today when I went to factory reset the phone, I found that in order to utilize the 'PRO' functionality I have to re-purchase the app? Is there any way around this?

Sometimes when you reset ROM Google Play is not able to restore in app purchases properly, just press "buy in app" again, it will not charge you or ask you to buy anything just enable pro. I am looking into a solution (do not buy the separate app, just press buy "in app" again).

If you do this often and you prefer to migrate to the separate pro key just write to [email protected] i can refund your "in app" payment.

Also if this does not work please provide the email you used for the purchase to [email protected] and i will better check your order.

In general please use email for orders inquiries.

After purchasing the pro version it's asking me the Same thing. Wanting me to purchase it again.