app questions

this is probably a stupid question but, even if i turn my creation into a app and put it on the play store will customers still have to have kwgt to use the app or no? also when making the app in kapk skin maker if i lock the widget so no body can mess with it in anyway after i export it does that mean i also cannot make an app out of it cuz im going 3 days strong trying to make an apk/app and i keep getting the "problem parsing the package error" and its annoying as hell.

Hi, so, yes, if you make an APK with the APK Maker then users will also need KWGT to use it, the app itself will tell the user if they dont have the app to install it. They will need both the free app and the pro key. If you want to lock the widget you have to do it during export, it doesnt have anything to do with APK maker. If its saying "problem parsing the package" probably something wrong is occurring, please send me the APK at [email protected] i will check whats wrong.

same problem i m having check my apk also i have sended it to that email