App does not track Unlock properly

So, I have a MIUI 10 phone with KLWP 3.40 Beta installed. When I try to add an animation to a container and make it work on Unlock trigger, it works one or two times and then I see just a blinking instead of animation. This seems to happen randomly, but app tracks Unlock properly after reboot or update (but only first two times) and then just skips the animation. I can send my preset if necessary.

Same thing with visibility.

The unlock and visibility animations are special ones, for example when you open an app the visibility animation go in reverse to stay in position to perform, that said, if you use delays or long durations and you open and shut any app and shut it fast you can see the animation go in reverse to stay in position. Maybe this is your problem, you can test the animation with not delay and short duration and give the animation the time to stay in position, or give your proper animation the time to stay in position.

problem is not there. I *am* giving it time to work. It just does not work.

Ahh, good, maybe is a bug in the 3.40 version or in the Miui phones, I can't give you a best advice because I'm in Klwp 3.38 and in a Galaxy s6, and it work well in my phone.

PD, maybe your preset is very heavy and has a lot of ram use, maybe this can be the problem.

my preset has only two Layers, on both of which there are an Image stretched for landscape and portrait layers, and both layers have same anims. KLWP 3.35 was with the same bug.

You can see if Klwp is in Save battery mode in your phone, if yes, you need to whitelist the app from here to allow Klwp run in background to perform as intended.

If you want you can send the preset and I can test it in my phone, I'm a user like you, but I can test it and see what happen in my phone