App does not show installed komponent packs after purchasing pro key

I purchased a pro key and installed it. The app showed me all of my installed packs and komponents once or twice but now it says I only have 2 installed. Sometimes I can enter and exit the komponents selection a few times and it will show them but they won't be there the next time I access that selection window again. Please tell me I didn't just waste $6 bucks on this...

I have a brand new LG V60 ThinQ 5G if that helps.

Thanks A Bunch in Advance,

~ Rick


1) KGWT app only showing two packs installed

2) Proof of pro license

3) Proof that I have other packs installed (please ignore key)

I have the same issue. I’m using Feast KWGT which requires KWGT Pro which I have. Feast is working properly and I have customized it to my liking. The problem I’m having is similar to yours. Whenever I try to add a downloaded komponent (prebuilt reusable component) I’m shown a list of only 2 installed komponent packs: Base Pack and huk kwgt. I’m missing a handful of others I downloaded such as Material Komponents - Android.

To understand a bit better, you only see 2 packs in the list in the loader? And this is only for Komponents? Are you on latest Kustom version?

@Mario_C is this what you also have?

P.S. we always refund when asked, so money never wasted here :slight_smile: just email [email protected] for refunds