App crashing/restarting while in the Settings menu or choosing a preset to load in KWGT

KWGT Pro v.3.54b106811 on LG V20 (non rooted) Android 7.0

When the latest version of KWGT was released a few months ago, I reinstalled the app due to it causing a battery draining problem no matter which widgets I use. The reinstallation fixed the battery drain issue but it introduced a new problem. The app now crashes constantly whenever I select General Settings or Weather in the Settings menu. No error dialogue or anything like that appears when it happens. A few months later, I can't select any of the presets too from the dashboard due to the same crashing problem so it's impossible for me to change or even place a new widget in the homescreen.

Same thing in an LG G5 with v.3.54b106811 on Android 7.0.

That "crash" happens on the weather part of the settings, but also if I scroll the "General settings" (it shows correctly and is editable until I scroll), and in some of the exemples for the texts, if I start scrolling, like "Air Quality", "Battery Info", "Astronomical events"…

And the weather forecast is stuck for at least 6 months now (hence my need to go to the settings to edit the source).