App crash/freeze when "Edit Image"

Nexus 5X, unrooted, Android 7.0

KLWP version Pro 3.21b629914

App freezes/prompts Android's app crash dialog after selecting "Edit Image" under any image option. "Select image" causes no problem and opens from my Drive folder normally.

Hi, this is very strange, do you have a custom rom? When you press "Edit Image" Kustom will look for an app able to edit images, if its there it will launch it otherwise you should have a list to pick. Can you try to install an app that is capable of editing images? Also can create a debug dump after the app crash and send it to me at [email protected]?

Not a custom rom, unrooted vanilla Android 7.0 on Nexus 5X.

I have just tried installing a image editor (Photoshop Express). The freeze still occurs when tapping "Edit Image".

I have just sent the .zip to [email protected]

Thank you.

Hi Frank, I'm seeing this issue as well in 7.1 Pixel. Do you have a recommendation of an app to try for editing images?

Unfortunately i will need a full debug dump from Android settings, this is strange, can you send me, same email a full bug report after the crash using the second mentioned way here:

Same issue 5x as well but with Android 7.1.1

I have Snapseed installed so it should be able to launch that.