Animations not playing in entirety when triggered using Global Switch set with Nova Gestures


I just posted this on Google+ but Im not sure if I should have posted here instead, I apologize if it's a bother.

I'm having an issue when setting Global Switches using Nova's gestures. I wasnt sure if thats in Nova's court or yours.

Setting the switch works, but what I assume is happening is that KLWP updates once a second or so and the action is sent immediately from Nova, somehow this makes the animation begin midway through or even just skip entirely and snap to the final position.

Here is a Gfy link to show the issue.

As you can see in the last open/close it works as intended.

Is there a work around? I've already sent a support email to Nova asking about it incase it is a Nova added function, the animations play flawlessly if the same Global Switch is triggered using an object set to toggle global switch on touch in KLWP which is why I feel its a mismatched update time issue.

Anyway, thank you. I'd love to use the gestures to trigger animations but it seems any gestures cause the same issue regardless of animation type or number of objects in root. In that clip the wheel is the only animated object I have.

Note 8 running Android 7.1.1