Animation with reactOn > scroll is inconsistent

To reproduce, make a shape with an animation set to:

reactOn: unlock

action: fade in

duration: 10

delay: 40

then lock and unlock your phone a couple times. The animation sometimes plays as expected, sometimes is reversed or just doesn't work at all

Hi Tored👍 Nelson Gonzalez here😁 I think that maybe your problem happens if you lock and unlock your phone very quickly, when you lock the phone the animation go in reverse to stay in position to make the animation that you want, but go in reverse with the the time that you use, 10+40, if you wait the neccesary time I think that you aren't going to have this problem. If this is the problem maybe you can solve this by using an if condition using the 0 and 1 gv switch, in the duration 10 and 1, and in delay 40 and 0. 👍

The last part is an error, you haven't any gv switch to use the if condition🤦‍♂️🤣.

But maybe you find how to use an if condition if the animation is in 1 or 0 in an animation triggered by unlock or visibility, I'm very curious on this, I remember make this question in G+, and, "cri cri cri cri" nothing answer 🤣

believe me, I've tried everything - it should not break like this, that's why this is a bug report. there are no good workarounds if the animation is long or has a long delay.

Hi Tored I put one formula in Discord, test it, and take in mind, if you want a scroll to the original position of one item, you need to use Ease>Normal, because what you see is the animation in rewind, not in advance.👍