Animation lags when pressing overlap group touch, but not with Nova Launcher gesture

I don't know if anyone has any expertise on why this would occur but I'm wondering if there's a workaround...

In my theme there's a button that activates an animation to animate everything to zoom in inwards and disappear. More specifically it works like this:

Press button has a touch action > to toggle global switch "x".... then all layers that I want to animate will animate when that toggle is switched.

Everything works fine as it should, but I notice that there's a small framerate drop that's noticeable when doing this.

Now here's the interesting part...

If I activate the toggle switch with a Nova Launcher gesture with Gestures and Inputs > "pinch in" (is what I picked) > Shortcuts > KLWP Actions > Then I fill out the following..

Once I do this, it triggers the global and animates everything buttery smooth with no stutter at all... This also works for other animations and triggers.

Another interesting point is I tried setting up the specific button to toggle the global in the same way that I used above with Nova launcher gestures to see if that would achieve the same smoothness.. Then > Then >

But this above way didn't match the stutterless animation as the Nova Launcher way. So does anyone know why animations don't stutter by activating a Nova Launcher Gesture compared to a touch action within a KLWP button touch?