Animated Objects Out Of Sync With Timers/Disappearing

For reasons I can't figure out, an animated object with an associated timer (in my case the x-position is set to be randomized after a certain amount of time) will have the timer and animation fall out of sync. This isn't gradual, but rather happens randomly. The animation will work fine for a bit with no discernible errors, but will suddenly fall out of sync half way through the animation at some point, and stay like until the desync problem happens again. At times, the object will just simply disappear and reappear a few seconds later.

Overlap groups seem to get this problem far worse, but image objects also suffer from the desync problem as well.

Can you provide a super minimal example of this so i can debug it?

Alright, here's the animated bits of my wallpaper.

Updated to the 3.27 beta and things longer disappear, although the timers still fall out of sync