Animated Image Filters not working properly since v3.25

Since v3.25, I have noticed that with animated images, filters will no longer function properly. They show up fine while scrolling through the homepages, however when not scrolling the filters disappear. This bug hasn't appeared previous to my knowledge.

I've added some screenshots below to demonstrate. The first screenshot is while scrolling, and what the animated image should look like, while the latter is when I'm not scrolling, and the filter is missing.

For additional info, I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S8+ on Android 7.0, with Nova Launcher Prime 5.2-beta1

I tried to reproduce the issue without success, what i did is:

  • Added an image module
  • Added a scroll animation of type color filter or fade

Both are working as expected

Try the KLWP file that I'll provide and you should be able to replicate the issue on v3.25.