Animated flashing in objects with animate rotation when it is very near the borders

I think there is a bug in animations and positions. When the circle is in center the rotation animation is fine, but if I put the circle near the border the behavior is wrong. why the circle flashes if the only animation is rotated?

Confirmed, need to fix this, thanks for reporting

This has been a bug for a long time now. I have made several presets where I have icons "Roll" off screen (rotate + scroll). I always noticed that as my icon rolled towards the edge of the screen it would just disappear completely before it fully scrolled of screen. only happened on rotating objects though.

Any update on this? It's happening more now that it has before, and I can't find a way around it.

Any fix on this? Definitely got worse lately. Thanks

Hello, is this issue fixed?

Nothing yet. It's definitely gotten worse lately.

Working on this on 3.46

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3.73 should solve this IF NOT please send a preset with only an animated shape inside that shows the flickering at [email protected] will check