Animated backgrounds would be such a help for me

Even if it's only GIF support being able to have the background itself be animated would put my theme together.

You can already do this but its NOT supported since it will KILL your battery, you need to do the following

  • Copy the following code in your clipboard using the phone
    ##KUSTOMCLIP## { "clip_version": 1, "clip_cut": [], "clip_modules": [ { "internal_type": "MovieModule" } ] } ##KUSTOMCLIP##
  • When you go to KLWP in the root a paste button should appear on top, press it
  • You now have a Movie Module, you can now add an animated gif, make it use the entire screen size

Da oggi questa opzione non funziona piĆ¹

This is generally available in 3.48 now with Movie Module