Angle track

I am trying to get The current playlist title On an angle around a circle. Problem is With each song is a different Text length and angle. Does anyone know how to keep the text in the right angle

I think the trick here is to not mess with the width of the box and just always have the same amount of characters that are justified inside of it.

i was able to pull this off using this formula:

> $tc(lpad, tc(ell, mi(title), 40),40," ")$

that will give you left padding up to 40 characters with spaces and cut it off at ellipses on the right with 40 characters.

unfortunately you can't start with a space or else they don't render correctly. I put a carrot at the very beginning of the line, which in the font I'm using is a little dingbat icon that looks good enough. you can use whatever you want but there has to be something that besides the space.

after playing around more I ended up using this:

$tc(rpad, tc(ell, mi(title), 40),40," ")$.

put the . at the end since it was disorder trip hide it in the other parts of the widget