Android update klwp not working

I had a recent android update for my Samsung s21 ultra, and ever since then, when I try to set my wallpaper it keeps saying I need to 'fix' and set wallpaper. I keep setting it as wallpaper, but still gives me the I need to fix and set wallpaper.

I'm having the same problem with my S21+ after the new update installed.

Same problem here. S21 ultra just updated today and after completion of software update I can no longer set the live wallpaper. It says to "fix" and when I do I go back to my home screen and it is still not showing the live wallpaper I selected. Please advise..thank you!

guyss official word from the man himself the creator the KWLP God

He's aware of the issue he's working on it

Let's hope it's gonna be soon

I am a new user and thought i was losing my mind not following the instruction properly.... glad to find out the issue is with Samsung

Yeah I was having the same issue. I wasn't sure if there was some setting that got changed during the update, but I see it's being worked on. Hopefully the fix will be easy!

Same problem on my S21 Ultra. Worst part about it is about 12 hours before this new faulty update I had just put the finishing touches on my elaborate 5 screen KLWP build. Now I just get to look at it in KLWP while thinking "someday my precious. Someday."

Has anyone heard of any update or work around to fix this? Thanks in advanced!

Had another phone update last night and KLWP now works. The issue of not being able to set it as your wallpaper appears to have been resolved. Hooray!