An input text box in klwp


A basic element to input text much like a search bar.


A box that can be used to input text in formulas or other from to user without actually opening the editor.

This could be used for functioning as an actual search bar as the ones we have today basically just are styled shortcuts. It could also be used as a way to let the user input there name for example if you have a text saying *Good day Mr./Ms. [Insert name here]* and so is a tool to help the less technical users to also have the ability to customize (and yes I know the customixatcus community is quite technical).

//Isak, Sweden

I completely agree with you. I created a custom keyboard in my LWP in hopes of figuring out a way to add each character to a variable as the user types, but I realised that no variables can be modified by touch actions, which would be awesome to see in the Kustom apps, as well.

EDIT: By "modified," I mean that new values cannot be added to existing variables.