Am an old guy that loves KLWP but Blurwater no longer works and I am confused

I have used blurwater and other themes for two years and now I cant load the theme.
It reads: Error:Attempt to invoke virtual method boolean org.kuston.lib.render. Render module update…

I am not particularly knowledgeable in this area and if someone can explain simply what I need to do. Thank you!

Did you change phones (and Android versions) recently? I had a similar error (I can’t remember the exact message) when I switched from Moto/Android 8 to Samsung/Android 13 using Samsung’s SmartSwitch. On every theme I tried to load I got an error, and it also erased the themes so they turned into 0 byte files. It seems to be cured after I uninstalled KLWP from the old phone and reinstalled on the new phone from the Google Play store and luckily I had backups of my interface theme. The error just might be related to the Pro version authorisation on the phones but that’s just a guess.