Allow user to specify directory where exported files are stored

KWGT does not actually export to my SD card although it says it does. (Galaxy S7).

Frank has said

Kustom uses Android API call getExternalStorageDir() to place its file, unfortunately it looks like that in your device is returning the internal memory since you probably have a virtual SD card mounted in /sdcard and the real one is mounted somewhere else. There is nothing i can do to fix this other than allowing the user to select the directory where files are stored.

... so I make this request.

P.S. I searched for this idea before posting, but I didn't find it until I had posted and it showed up in related topics. Now I can't figure out how to delete this idea, so I will link to the previous post and suggest you upvote there.

Allow user to define/select the folder/directory to store KLWP files.


This is now available from 3.63