Allow klwp to be chosen as Android's screen saver

KLWP is the perfect choice for recycling old phones into an awesome wall clock. The problem is this requires keeping the phone unlocked and at the homescreen which is a security concern.

I think it would be ideal if KLWP was selectable as one of Android's "screen saver" choices.

Wouldn't select "when locked" in the layer tab of your preset solve your issue (after setting up KLWP as your lock screen wall paper of course)

No need for screen saver then.

I might miss something though...



Screen Saver has other important benefits in comparison to the lock screen that make it the natural choice:

* No on-screen static content such as the system tray (back, home, overview buttons), notification bar, clock, and any notifications (to avoid burn-in).
* Lock Screen dims wallpaper
* Not subject to display timeout value

Hi Pierre, there are visual advantages in using Screen Saver instead of Lock Screen that I uploaded for you to see here:

In short, Screen Saver mode isn't overlayed by notifications and doesn't display any static content that would cause burn-in (crucially important for OLED displays and )

Thanks for that. I was indeed missing something :-)