All images disappear

This is the third time this happened already.

Sometimes after a reboot of the phone, all set images have disappeared. In KLWP background and icons have been reset to "not set".

What's more, I'm unable to select the same images i used as icons again. The app just doesn't accept the same images anymore. Though this specific problem does not occur with the background, I can still set the same background image I previously used.

This is still unsolved. And a glaring problem in the software.

Are you or some other app clearing the cache? You should export your preset and then load the preset from the exported one, finally try a reboot again

It turned out to be me, clearing the cache, what makes the images dissappear indeed. Thank you!

But I've still got the issue I can't restore the same images I used as icons again. How do I solve this?

I'm having the same issue, and it's happened to me twice now. I don't know if another app is clearing the cache, how can I check?