All global switches turning either on or off simultaneously in the editor

Whenever a global is changed in the editor, all of the global switches turn either on or off, despite their default setting. This is causing confusion & making it nearly impossible for the user to see their changes in the editor, because it is turning on/off background images & other objects that are normally controlled by the user with switches on the wallpaper.

Working around this by changing my global switches to text or list globals, but this still should be considered as a bug in the editor under the globals tab.

Hi Kim, this has been reported many times but unfortunately i did not find a way to reproduce this with 100% reliability. Do you have any way to recreate this bug starting from an empty preset?

Thank you Frank,

I will try to recreate this... It may be awhile from now, as I have to finish some other projects, but this is something I would definitely like to see fixed if possible.

I have encountered this too. I have a switch set to formulas for both enable and disable, yet it activates when any other switch is toggled. The other one has formulas and just completely ignores them.