All day events dismissed early on screen, still showing in the editor

All day events dismissed before the end of the day on screen. (They are still showing in the editor.) Today's holiday event was no longer displayed after 2:00 pm EST

This is a bug that the developer thinks that he fixed 2 updates ago but only fixed for timezones east of GMT/UTC any timezone west of GMT/UTC( with a negative offset) had their all day events dissapear 2*y hours early where y is eaqual to their current timezone offset. EST is currently gmt-5 I believe, making your all day events dissapear 10 hours early. I am in a timezone -7 and mine consistently dissapear 14 hours early. It's annoying but simple.

My guess is the issue is in the code treating offset numbers the same regardless of their positivity or negativity. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get the developer to acknowledge this despite trying to explain it on here several times for several months.