All day calendar events from yesterday still showing

Please help: As title says. Yesterday's events still showing until 10am next day. I am in GMT +10 timezone, KWGT settings reflect this as well as G-Cal settings. See screen attached

I'm having the exact same issue. My time zone is GMT+3, and calendar events only update at 3AM instead of 12AM.

This has been a bug for a long long time. Any all day event is treated like it is GMT regardless of the timezone it actually is on your calendar, where you are, on your phone, or in your widget. For some reason the app maker refuses to fix the bug, last time I posted it, he asked me about my issue then never returned with a solution.

Fixed in 3.29

Still broken for me, now my all day events disappear even sooner. I currently have an all day event set today and it is gone. It is only 1617 local time. It appears to have changed over as of 1000 this morning. I am in MST which is UTC-7.