Album art no longer displays when using Amazon Music.

I installed KWGT to replace Amazon Music's amazingly ugly widget. When I first installed KWGT, there was no problem. The album art showed up when I used Amazon Music and everything was working fine, so I purchased the pro version and a bunch of widget packs. However, a couple of days after installing, the album art no longer shows up when using Amazon Music. It still shows up with Google Music... but I have zero desire to change the music player I use and it was working fine with Amazon Music when first installed. I wouldn't find this so mysterious (or irksome) if it hadn't worked at first.


  • Opened Amazon Music before using KWGT and waited for Amazon Music to show a notification.
  • Chosen Amazon Music as my preferred player in KWGT settings.
  • Made sure KWGT has access to notifications.
  • Checked the settings in Amazon Music. There is no option regarding whether to show album art on lock screen.
  • Rebooted.
  • Cleared data for both KWGT and Amazon Music.
  • And finally, uninstalled and re-installed both apps.

Nothing has worked. So, any ideas as to why it would start working and then stop?

I can also verify the same problem, is this just not a function that is currently supported?

Same issue here only with Audible. Hopefully we can get an answer on what to do to fix this! Was working perfect at first.


So the trick is to go to the "album" of every individual song manually within Amazon music and wait till the album art (usually on the top left) loads.

Do this for every song and then clear Amazon from recents (Or Force Stop from settings).

Then relaunch