Alarms not reading beyond Midnight

I’ve used these functions
$if(si(alarmon), df(“EEE”, si(alarmd)),alarm)$
$if(si(alarmon), df(“h”, si(alarmd)),not)$
$if(si(alarmon), df(“:mm”, si(alarmd)),set)$
$if(si(alarmon), df(“:a”, si(alarmd)),!)$
because I have different font sizes for the final function, without issue until yesterday and I don’t know what’s changed.
I also ran some simple tests and found that alarms up until 23:59 of the current day still show in the widget, but anything after 0:00 of the following day show as (in these functions) 12:00AM.
I am using the default/system clock app (I have no other clock apps installed) on a Pixel 6Pro.
Any advice is appreciated.

The issue was not within KWGT or the Google clock app…it was within a separate countdown widget app. I narrowed it to when that app updated and when I force closed/stopped that app, everything snapped back to working order.