after update to 3.28, presets are misformed, shapes are not at the same place as configured in editor


as already written in subject my presets (respotet from Play store) which where working before are now broken. Icons are shown smaller, shapes are not as seen in the editor.

I tried to create a new preset - same problem, the circle which I placed in the bottom right corner is shown about 2 centimeters above. In the editor it is shown as I want it, in home screen it looks different.

Using a HTC U11, Android 7.1.1, Lightning Launcher, KLWP 3.28.

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reinstalling klwp and rebooted the phone after every change I do within the editor "fixes" this problem partly.

Any hints, why I do have to reboot my phone in order to get the changes on the home screen?

You dont, any way to reproduce the issue in a small example? If yes send that to me at [email protected] will work on the issue

I'm having the same issue. I'm using all the current versions of Kustom on my LG V30, not rooted, Verizon Wireless, 7. 1. 2

Please let me know if you need anything from me in order to help remedy this new hiccup.

Thank you!