After the latest KLCK update blurred shapes are just opaque

I haven't touched my setup in months and after a recent KLCK update my blurred shapes just turn out opaque on my actual lock-screen even though they show just fine in the KLCK preview:


Actual Lockscreen:

Ignore the changed color, I use color randomization.

I don't have any issues in KLWP, it's just KLCK that's affected but I found a post on Reddit from another user that had the same problem in KLWP:

I'm running KLCK Pro 3.42b927314

My device is a Xiaomi Mi 8 running MIUI 10.3.5 Stable, Android 9PKQ1.180729.001 and the problem manifested between the last 1-2 weeks. I already tried rebooting my phone, clearing the KLCK cache and reapplying my preset, nothing helps.

I want to say after the issue was fixed in a build that got uploaded a while after I reported this the issue now returned for me after I got updated to KLCK 3.43b930215.