Add a sublocality option

If possible, it would be great if you could add a 'sublocality' option for Location. At present, the Location shows the general location and it's not very detailed. For example, it will always show 'London' or 'New York' regardless of where you are in these cities. By adding a sublocality, it would show 'Camden', 'Hammersmith', 'Westminster' etc instead of 'London' and 'Manhattan', 'Greenwich Village', 'Harlem' etc instead of 'New York'. At the moment, we can only set the general location $li(loc)$, address $li(addr)$ or post code $li(postal)$ but no sublocality. Thanks.

I have the same issue, but here in Australia the $li(loc)$ returns what you have termed the sub-locality (i.e. the suburb). What I want is a way to return the City name.

For example it currently returns Bondi, I want it to say Sydney.

Looking for the same as T7