Accuweather hourly temp/icon not changing

Everybody has a weather widget and in mine I show a separate temperature and forcast icon for each of the next 6 hours. I was using accuweather for weather info and was suspicious when all 6 icons showed the same information. I changed providers to and also to dark sky and the widget performs correctly with those providers. I'm using $wf(icon, 0,x)$ and $wf(temp, 0,x)$°$wi(tempu)$ where x is replaced with 1-6 corresponding to hours ahead of current time for each stack group.

I don't have the paid subscription for AccuWeather nor Dark Sky, but for the information that they give in the provider selection they show 36 hours per 1 hour forecast, maybe you can contact AccuWeather with your problem. For the others free weather providers the only that have 36/1 or more are Yr.No. Weather,com and Yahoo don't have per hour forecast.

I don't control any of the logic in the wf() function call or know by what method or in what data structure it recieves data from the various weather companies so I would be at a loss for what to say to them regarding troubleshooting reciept of the intended data in the required location. The data for the other weather services appear to be organized correctly and when wf() is called for them the result matches the online values for the corresponding source. It may be that there is a hiccup in Accuweather's data source, but not knowing what exactly that is I would again not know what to say. Their app and website both appear to be functional.

If this persist, and you had paid for one subscription with this provider, is doable that you can post a bug to Kustom. I see other users with problems with this subscription. Maybe you can post this bug. I think that the call that make Kustom apps is the same for every provider,

Fixed in weather plugin 1.09, the plugin was wrongly using epoch for hourly data