Accu Weather wind value

Hi, I'm trying the new Accu Weather subscription and I've noticed wi(wspeed) and wi(speedm) always report 0. I tried using wf(wspeed,0) instead, but the value is way off: for example, right now it says 240km/h, while actual wind speed is 13km/h. Same thing goes for wf(wspeedm,0).
I also tried to find out if wf(wspeed,0) was multiplied by some constant value, but this is not the case.
Do you guys have any suggestion?

Hi👍 Klwp only show the information broadcasted by the weather provider and don't have any multiplier to this, only parse the provider information to show in your preset. Time to time I have my weather provider (Weather Underground) showing a temperature of 2458791237° jaja.

If this wrong information show permanently in your preset, maybe you can contact Accu weather to ask they what is the problem.

Thanks for your anwer. I wrote to Accu Weather, they're aware of the issue and they're looking for a fix.
Thought I'd share this info, as there might be someone else with the same issue.

I'm having the same issue, did they provide you with any sort of ETA? AccuWeather is by far the most accurate provider in my area and is like to keep using them.

No, they didn't give any ETA, sorry.

I'm having the same problem with AccuWeather wind speeds. Can we get an update on this issue please? We are paying for a subscription so they should provide support for issues like this!

Also noticed that the feels like temperature is different from the real feel temperature given in the AccuWeather app