Ability to interact with KLWP

It would be great if this could interact with the KLWP app. Like you can make a widget that makes an object rotate, for example.

It would be like this:

1. You set the animation to trigger on a "signal" and set an ID or a name for the signal

2. You go into KWGT and there in the touch, set it to "trigger animation" and then you put the trigger ID so when you touch it it triggers the animation on the wallpaper.

I am planning to add a way to switch globals using a shortcut so this will be feasible from a Nova action or from KWGT, so this is planned.

This is now possible from 3.22, you need to do the following:

  • Create a global triggered animation in KLWP
  • Create a preset in KWGT
  • Add a touch action in KWGT, set action to "Shortcut"
  • Select "KLWP Action"
  • Set the change you want to make

Hey, can you please explain it in brief or make a tutorial probably. I am trying but the global triggered animation is not working. Thanks a lot.