5 second delay


I'm using KLWP with Nova Launcher. Since I updated my Note 8 to oreo, there's now a 5 second delay to launch an app after pressing the home button. This didn't happen with Nougat, and I'm using the same theme I was using before updating to Oreo. Is there a fix for this?

Thank you.

Mmm, this should not happen, not on Nova at least, can you email me at [email protected] so i can check it out?


Same problem for me with nova launcher and Android 5.1.

On which ROM/Device? Samsung?

On huawei y6 (SCL-L01), non rooted.

This is an issue. All models. what kinda info do you need Frank? i can email as well. if ya need me to.

Samsung but it seems to be an issue all over. I miss my wallpaper. :)

Ditto. Ever since I got my S21+. Using Nova Launcher. Any updates on this?

Moved to total launcher with no issues. I miss nova though. I can add nova action to total but the transition isn't seamless.

I bit the bullet and just updated my N20U (again after previously rolling back to Android 10) to Android 11/OneUI 3.0 and I'm very Happy to report that the latest versions of KLWP (Build: 3.52b102214) and KLCK (Build: 3.52b102215) (both Uploaded: 2021-01-22)
Fixed The App Launch Delay!!!!