5 sec Delay (Samsung galaxy s20, Android 11, Nova Prime 6.2.18)

Just updated to Android 11 and now when clicking any icons on my wallpaper there is more often than not a 5+ second delay. Have already reinstalled Nova and KLWP but the issue still exists.

Same issue. From what i understand LOTS of people having issues.

I bit the bullet and just updated my N20U (again after previously rolling back to Android 10) to Android 11/OneUI 3.0 and I'm very Happy to report that the latest versions of KLWP (Build: 3.52b102214) and KLCK (Build: 3.52b102215) (both uploaded: Uploaded: 2021-01-22)
The new versions
Fixed The App Launch Delay!!!!

Have now updated my KLWP. Issue appears to be fixed.

Yes it's fixed