3.70b - Music Player Detection

Updated to 3.70b yesterday via apk from website. My music player widget seems to detect random apps as music player (ie. Blokada, Google Play Services, etc). I usually have my preferred music players set to YouTube Music and Spotify. I've tried to troubleshoot it myself and set the preferred to automatic, tried to play music so it will detect it the player but eventually it reverts to Blokada.

I fixed the issue by uninstalling and going back to 3.63 and problem is gone.

Any updates to this? It seems 3.70b is being pushed in the Play Store and the music player detection issue has returned. It keeps thinking Blokada is a music player...

it worked before the last update, now it seems to randomly open different apps like Blokada, Automate, and also KWGT...

Samsung A50, Android 11

Have the issue as well. It seems to be detecting anything that gets caught by the notification listener. For example, messages app, Nanit, charging status, etc...

S23 Ultra, Android 13

Edit: Phone info added

Same issue.

Z Fold 4, Android 13

It seems to be fixed in the 3.71 update released on 03/09/2023. Thank you dev 🙏

For people still having issue after the update, I suggest opening KWGT and editing your music widget so it gets refreshed. I had music playing while I was editing and then saved the widget. Also went in and set preferred music player again under the general settings.

Seems to be working now~