3.58b215514 Not Importing Favorite Formulas created in a previous version of KLWP

When upgrading from an older KLWP version to the latest (Google Play APK) 3.58b215514, my Old Favorite Formulas are Not Being imported.

Also, when Saving New Formulas I am unable to find the location where they are saved so I cannot manually export the file to utilize on another phone.

The old faves.json file no longer appears in the root section of the main Kustom folder (ver. 3.58b215514) as it did in previous versions. Can we as End Users, access it somewhere on our phones in this latest version? I haven't been able to locate it.

Others are also experiencing the same issue as noted in this Kustom Subreddit Post.

My Phone information:
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (Snapdragon/US Unlocked Model)
Android 12
One UI Version 4.1
Baseband S908U1UEU2AVE4
Android Security Patch Level MAY 1, 2022

Same here