3.29 did not fix all day events

The update did change the behavior of all day events, so whatever you did is likely on the right track. However, I am in UTC-7 and now my all day events disappear at 10am on the day they are happening. The times appear correct in the calendar and the date is correct on the app data that appears on the widget. But at 10am the widget treats the event as over.

Mmm, this is strange, i will need more info, is this calendar a standard Google calendar and you created the events inside it or you are getting the events from another source?

Standard Google calendar, I create the events. The calendar is set to my timezone. In another app the creates an agenda widget, called calendar widget, all events appear properly and do not disappear until the end of the day in my timezone. This issue is just happening for me in your app. Maybe you can contact calendar widget's developer for input on the issue?

If the fix you applied for the issue relies on the UTC offset, for example I am in the US and currently UTC-7, I wonder if your fix ignores negative and positive. I just realized that my events disappear 14 hours early rather than the original 7 hours early that I noticed before the update. This would seem to indicate to me that you just need to code it so the formula respects the negative and positive in the UTC offset so a person in utc+3 will have a different offset than utc-3.

My theory is confirmed when I change my timezone and time on my phone manually. If I set the timezone to UTC+7, all day events behave correctly. If I set the timezone to UTC+1 all day events behave correctly. And anything GMT-x seems to not behave....

Having the same issue - All day events are disappearing at 2:00 pm EST (UTC-5)

Also using Google Calendar