10 mins + loading time, app crashes

Having problems on a number of different presets.

Application will load the preset fine, however after setting the wallpaper there will be about a 10 minute delay on the loading screen before the wallpaper will appear. Then the wallpaper will have issues with animations and updating, seemingly freezing. Returning to the editor within app the same experience happens, the app will just display loading, the move onto saving after about 10 mins. Sometimes the app will also crash when scrolling down the list of klwp items.

Phone:Nexus 6p
App Version: 3.28b729710
Android Version: 8.0 & just updated to 8.1 but problem persists

I've capture three debug logs, screen caps of ram usage >200mb, battery usage. Any ideas to see what's going on inside the app would be great, could be some bad kode I've written but I've just got no idea at this point

Looks like a specific wget item was overloading it, 10+ calls going out, deleting it has seemed to return app to normal state

Marking as solved, please collect a debug dump as per https://kustom.rocks/debug next time and send it to [email protected]