1 second update

Please add a "1 second update" option in KWGT. For more info about this idea, go here:


@Frank Monza:

I do not agree with your claim that "you cannot refresh more often" than "every 20/30 seconds" because "that would kill your battery". There are many apps that demonstrate that your claim is not true. A good example is the Giant Clock app.


My tests indicate that the Giant Clock time is always within one second of the system time; so it is apparently refreshing once every second (if not at a shorter interval). And yet Giant Clock does not cause a significant battery problem.

Furthermore, even if your claim was true, it would still not be an issue for some users -- for example, users who are using KWGT on a tablet that is kept permanently plugged in to the wall.

Please add a one-second refresh option to the next version of KWGT.

The quotes in this post are from this web page:

That statements refers to KWGT and the way KWGT updates widgets, its not a generic statement. Unfortunately Android doesnt offer a way to update widgets like Kustom in an efficient way, the app you mentioned doesnt use the same approach as Kustom does, showing a simple clock would be much easier. That said you can test battery usage yourself starting from 3.34 where this option has been added.

From 3.34 is possible to select different update methods

@Frank Monza

Hi, i know it is a older post, but wanna ask:

Currently KWGT can 1sec update, so, the witget keep running when the screen is off ? or the currently version use the Alarm ?

I wanna make a witget for update every 1sec but not when the screen is off... that will not drain battery

Do you know how to have a widget update every second? If so, could you please explain how to do that?